A  tale that spans two continents and three centuries.

Filmed in New York (locations), Macedonia (locations with exterior and interior builds), and Germany (studios). Opening film at Venice Film Festival 2001

A New York thief (Edge), a tough-as-nails hundred-year-old woman (Angela), two brothers from the Wild West (Luke and Elijah), a revolutionary hell-bent on liberating Macedonia from the Ottoman Empire (The Teacher), and a beautiful pregnant woman (Neda), all cross paths in a fractured narrative that resembles a Cubist painting.

  • Writer and Director: Milcho Manchevski
  • Producers: Chris Auty, Vesna Jovanoska, Domenico Procacci
  • Director of Photography: Barry Ackroyd
  • Editor : Nicolas Gaster


  • David Wenham
  • Joseph Fiennes
  • Adrian Lester
  • Anne Brochet
  • Nikolina Kujaca
  • Rosemary Murphy
  • Vlado Jovanovski
  • Salaetin Bilal
  • Vera Farmiga