This Little Life

This Little Life is the story of a premature baby’s fragile existence, and of a mother’s supreme trust and tragic betrayal. Rosemary Kay’s screenplay was awarded the BBC’s Dennis Potter Screenwriting Award and is an adaptation of her novel Between Two Eternities.

Luke is born prematurely weighing only one pound and four ounces. He is too small to be cradled in his mother’s arms but can be held in the palm of her hand. His chance of survival is 25%. As his mother tends this tiny child, she discovers how sometimes hope can triumph over the worst tragedies.

  • Director: Sarah Gavron
  • Writer: Rosemary Kay
  • Producer: Stewart Mackinnon
  • Director of Photography: David Katznelson
  • Editor: Bill Diver


  • Kate Ashfield
  • David Morrissey
  • Peter Mullan