selected productions

Simon Schama's Power of Art

TV Series

Caravaggio - Episode 1
Jacques-Louis David - Episode 4

International EMMY Award For Arts Programming

  • Directors: Carl Hindmarch (Caravaggio), Clare Beavan (David)
  • Producers: Simon Schama, Clare Beavan
  • Production Company: BBC

The Thieving Headmistress

TV Movie
Cast includes Pauline Quirke, Denis Lawson.

  • Director: Norman Hull
  • Production Company: Firefly for BBC

To Kill A Burglar - The Tony Martin Story

TV Movie - Documentary Drama

  • Director: Richard Bond
  • Production Company: Firefly for BBC

If..We Could Stop The Violence

TV series 'If.....' Drama
Season 2, Episode 2

  • Director : Carl Hindmarch
  • Production Company: Blast! Films for BBC

Against All Odds: Lost and Found

TV series

  • Director: Kim Flitcroft
  • Production Company: BBC

Simone Weil - Utopian Pesimist

Drama Documentary
On the life of the philosopher Simone Weil.

  • Director : John Mair
  • Production Company: Channel 4

Rotten Apples

Black comedy set in Northern Ireland

  • Director & Writer: Niall Leonard
  • Production Company: Channel 4